Rules and Regulations

The Rules

Auto and General Cross triathlon hosted by Steyn City is run in accordance with TSA race rules. TSA Technical Officials, TSA Referees and marshals are in place on race day, ensuring the safety of athletes at all times.

  • It is the athlete’s responsibility to know the rules.
  • No unsportsmanlike behaviour will be permitted. Any abuse of race official(s), marshal(s), traffic officer(s) or competitor(s) could lead to disqualification from the race and/or the Series.
  • Minimum age for racing as at 31st December is 16 years (Sprint Junior Championships), 18 years for the Senior Standard & Long distance, and 12 years for the short distance. 
  • Race organisers and TSA Triathlon officials decisions are final.
  • TSA may at any time amend and or add to these guidelines.
  • Organiser’s decision is final;
  • Participants shall behave politely towards each other, all race staff, land owners, marshalls, medics and everyone involved, and abide by the organiser’s guidance and instructions.
  • Athletes that are slower and that are being passed, must make way to the left. When overtaking another runner/walker it must be done 2 meters on the right-hand side.


  • Participants can supply their OWN Swim caps – only brightly coloured swim caps are allowed (NO black, white, silver, blue or green).
  • No swim cap, no race.
  • Wetsuits are permitted in accordance with water temperatures (final decision will be announced 30 minutes before start).
  • Currently SWIM BUOYS are NOT permitted in triathlon events.
  • If race numbers are supplied, they may NOT be worn during the swim leg.
  • You will swim the entire length of the lagoon on the southern side, exit the water, run around a marked
    point, then swim the entire length again, this time on the northern side of the lagoon.


  • At the bike check-in, the responsibility for the safety aspects, shall be the sole responsibility of hte athlete, however the appointed Technical Officials shall do a general observation of the bike to ensure general compliance with the equipment specifications.
  • No Helmet, no ride.
  • Only approved hard shell helmets are permitted and these will be inspected on check in.
  • Helmets to be clipped on and worn during the Cycle Leg and not be unclipped or removed until bike is racked.
  • No cycling is permitted in or around the transition area.
  • Wheels must be a spoke construction and have at least 12 spokes (no discs or tri spoke wheels will be allowed).
  • Upper body garment must be worn.
  • Traffic rules and officials must be obeyed – NO road closures in effect for this event.
  • A time cut-off may apply during the cycle leg – such will be announced on race day.
  • Supplied race number must be worn on athlete supplied race belt (facing backwards).
  • STRICTLY no littering permitted.


  • Upper body garment must be worn.
  • No outside assistance permitted.
  • Strictly no littering permitted.
  • Supplied race number must be worn on your race belt (facing forwards).
  • ONCE FINISHED, please put a mask on and collect your bike from transition.
  • Sadly during Covid we ask that you please leave the race village as soon as possible.

Transition rules:

  •  All athletes must have their helmet securely fastened from the time they remove their bike from the rack at the start of the bike leg, until after they have placed their bike on the rack at the finish of the bike leg;
  • Athletes must use only their designated bike rack and must rack their bike;
  • Only equipment to be used during the competition can be left in transition. All other belongings and equipment are to be removed before the race starts.
  • Bike shoes, glasses, helmet, and other bike equipment can be placed on the bike.
  • Athletes must not impede the progress of other athletes in the Transition Area;
  • Athletes must not interfere with another athlete’s equipment in the Transition Area;
  • Cycling is not permitted inside the Transition Area: Athletes must mount their bicycles after the mount line by having one complete foot contact with the ground after the mount line. Athletes must dismount their bicycles before the dismount line by having one complete foot contact with the ground before the dismount line. While in the transition area (before the mount line and after the dismount line) the bike can be pushed only by the athlete’s hands. Mount and dismount lines are part of the transition area.
  • Nudity or indecent exposure is forbidden;
  • Athletes can not stop in the flow zones of the Transition Area;
  • Marking positions in the Transition Area is not allowed. Marks will be removed and the athletes will not be notified.



All rules applying to individual competitors apply to relay competitors except where such rules conflict with specific relay rules.

  • Relay teams can be composed of 2-3 three athletes – one swimmer, one cyclist and one runner. Team members can be either the same gender or any combination of male/female. The minimum age of a participant is 16 years old.
  • The relay team ‘chip transfer’ area must be within the marked Relay Team Area in the transition area. There will be a Relay Team Referee overseeing the ‘chip transfer’ of each team member. If a ‘chip transfer’ happens outside of the Relay Team Area, the team will not be included in the official results.
  • Any relay team interfering with an individual competitor or in any way placing an individual competitor at a competitive disadvantage will be disqualified.
  • Observe all race rules at all times.
  • Don’t use a radio headset during the bike or run.
  • Don’t place your bike and equipment on top of someone else’s in the transition area. Respect the athlete’s space and equipment.
  • If you are a slower rider stay on the left side except when passing. Keep a straight line when riding. Only discard your water bottles and trash at an water points. 
  • There is no littering on the race course.
  • If you have mechanical problems, pull off the course on the left. Always let the rider ahead know you are passing on the right. And above all obey all safety rules on the course.
  • Keep your pets at home if you are racing. 
  • Don’t grab, push or pull others during the swim. Make the swim safe for everyone.
  • During the run keep to the right except to pass. When you do pass someone or see them at the turnaround offer a word of encouragement.
  • Be careful at the water points. This is usually the area where most of the items like gel packs and bottles are dropped and the pavement can be extremely slick. There is plenty to drink for everyone. Give each other room to drink and go.
  • Cutting the Course: Short-cutting and/or cutting trail switchbacks on course is not permitted and may result in disqualification. All athletes are required to stay on the designated trail that is marked as the race course. It is the athlete’s responsibility to know the designated race course. Lack of tape or barriers on the course will not constitute an excuse for cutting the course.
  • No headphones of any kind are permitted while competing.


  • Relay swimmers will start in the second wave Long Course.


  • All relay bikes must be placed in the designated bike racks in the Transition Area. Team bikes must not be removed from the designated bike rack until AFTER the timing chip has been passed onto the team cyclist.
  • After receiving the timing chip the cyclist must WALK/RUN their bikes through the transition area to the MOUNT LINE. At this time cyclists may mount their bike and depart on the bike.
  • Upon completion of the bike and arrival at the Transition Area, cyclists must dismount at the DISMOUNT LINE and WALK/RUN their bike back to the designated bike rack. Once the cyclist has entered the marked Team Relay Area, they may hand off the timing chip to the runner. Once the runner has attached the timing chip, he/she may depart to the run course. Cyclists must re-rack their bike on the designated bike rack.
  • No drop bars on bikes. Gravel bikes are allowed, but the gravel bike must have FLAT handlebars.

Team RUN

  • Relay runners must turn in their timing chip at the designated timing table behind the finish line immediately after crossing the finish line. Any team failing to turn in its timing chip will not be considered an official team.


  • Results are shown live on our event website throughout the event showing your splits and overall position with a leaderboard for friends and family to follow. 


  • TSA Protest and appeal procedures will be strictly applied. If required contact the Head Referee immediately after you finish your race; 
  • Any appeals must be in writing and will require proof of a GPS file which will be checked on the day.